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23artpixels, a digital painting studio, paints your story on a blank canvas, vividly manifesting every single bit of your persona. Our digital brush strokes gracefully create the work of art- portrait painting, photo restoration, photo finishing or photo manipulation, bringing out your emotions dramatically. With the extensive experience of a decade, our masterpieces captivate both your heart and soul.

Be it self portrait, couple portrait, child portrait, festive paintings or like, our deft artist paint it to perfection, bringing that beautiful smile on your face. Your every piece of art is important to us. We make sure, it is safely and securely delivered to your doorstep bringing that beautiful smile on your face.

We helps you to touch the soul of your relatives, friends and dear ones by bringing them their awesome digital paintings.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Image Related Questions

How can I choose the right photo? Are there any tips?

We can paint from any of your choice but the photo you wish to turn into a painting should be close up, clear and in focus. If there are 1 to 3 objects in the photo it could come out well. And also keep in mind that our artists can clearly see the details of each subjects. Photo that is in dark or in out of focus is harder to deal with. Photo should be at the highest resolution, it shouldn’t be less than 1024 x 768.

In which type of format should I upload the image?

The image should be in the format of JPEG, TIFF or PNG (our website uploader compitable) and it is preferable the file should be greater than 1 MB file size or in 3000 pixels and the resolution should be 300 pixels / inch.

I have a different file type (I.E. PDF, RAW), What do I do?

Our website uploader doesn’t support very large files, in that case Contact us for alternate solutions, we can provide you our FTP link where you can upload any size of files of any format easily.

I have a hard copy of photo and want to scan, can I have any tips?

Yes of course, we’d love to guide you. Please clean the original photo and scanner glass softly. Scan the photo in 600 ppi (pixels pre inch.) minimum. If you have 800 or 1200 ppi option than scan it to highest for better quality. Save your scanned image in JPEG or TIFF and send us.

How can I come to know that my image is copyrighted or not?

If you have a photo that is captured by a proffesional, or if you have purchased it from someone else, you should ask them for the copyright. We know sometimes violations are unintentional so we take it seriously and prefer our customers to have a written permission first.

Painting Related Questions.

Can I get any bigger or smaller sizes than the options on website?

Yes, you can get. Contact us for addtional sizes.

Is there any guarantee on the canvas painting?

There is always a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every canvas which is created from 23artpixels.

What kind of protection is added to the canvas?

Every canvas we create has been treated with an ultra-violate protection. So your canvas will never fade, flake, crake or bubble for life, Guaranteed.

How long my canvas painting will last?

At least, till 100 years to come 🙂 It’s true that it is for longtime – lifetime, Guaranteed.

Can I hang the painting outside?

Although our canvas painting has a UV protected layer on it, no artwork should ever be hung outside in direct sunlight. Though our pieces have water-resistant coating, it is not 100% waterproof and not advisable to be hung in a bathroom or in a kitchen where significant changes of humidity and temperature.

How do I clean or maintain my canvas painting?

You should always use a soft duster or damp cloth for cleaning the canvas painting.